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Lola Thorne: Small Business Coaching

With a focus on the four key aspects of any business; money, time, quality and quantity, together we will identify 'the edges' for optimum results whilst achieving the right balance unique to your business. In combination with these aspects, we will cover your personal and business values and ethics to ensure your business is running in line with your core beliefs. This will support you to make conscious decisions that drive you to identify both short and long-term goals.

Coaching is delivered to the business owner(s) and staff in a combination of individual sessions, joint and group sessions. With a focus on effective leadership, clear goals and team interaction, we will clarify and utilise individual motivations. This will increase employee commitment and satisfaction which will improve results, streamline processes and empower individual workers.

Key results;

·    identify and achieve clear goals that drive performance and satisfaction

·    strengthen relationships with your customers and staff

·    understand your core values that started your business to drive your future planning

·    increase employee commitment and satisfaction

·    focus on time management and work/life balance

·    valuing and scaling your business

·    improved staff motivation and retention 

·    strengthen leadership so you can maximise your time for greater impact.

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