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Lola Thorne: Training and Consultation

With experience delivering insightful and fun training, I am pleased to offer the following;

My signature workshop Wellbeing at Work which includes an introduction to mental health, protective factors for quick wins, top tips for managers, and much more.

I also offer Stress Management and Building Resilience and Trauma-Informed Management.

These workshops are available both online or in person to groups of various sizes.

Aimed for social groups, either in person or online, these workshops are ideal for empowering participants to make the changes they really want to make.


My signature workshop "How to Set Boundaries Lovingly" covers the everything you need to know setting boundaries, so you can feel calm and confident when saying no.

I also cover people-pleasing, self care for and overcoming perfectionism in journaling.

I can be booked for guest speaking appearances to share some of my personal story.


From childhood abuse through to recovery from a narcissistic relationship - coloured with all the normal responses, such as complex-PTSD, people-pleasing, a lack of boundaries and total burnout. I'm happy to share my recovery with you.


I have spoken to groups of various different sizes and interests, both remotely via zoom and social media, and in person.

As a qualified and experienced Social Worker, I offer consultation on policy development, training delivery, research and ethical considerations in projects.

Through assessment of events and situations I am able to delicately to identify issues and solutions throughout the development of a project. This helps organisations to work with vulnerable communities in an empowering, ethical and non-exploitative way.

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