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Lola Thorne: Workshops for socials

Overcoming your inner people-pleaser

This one hour talk explores your people-pleasing tendencies from where it has come from, to how it shows up for you today - the positives and the challenges.


Participants gain insight into the behaviours that cost them their peace, and a mini action plan to empower

new habits to overcome old patterns that are keeping them stuck.

How to set boundaries lovingly

This one hour talk empowers the participant to view their boundary setting through a lens of self-compassion to understand why their boundary patterns have developed and how to manage them differently.


Participants will leave this session feeling empowered to make changes and with the self understanding to do so lovingly and calmly.

Making time for yourself,
even when you're exhausted

This one hour workshop explores different habits and practices within self care - with most exercises taking less than 10 minutes - and ranging across different areas of your life, from rest and movement through to physical environment and coping skills.

Participants will gain practical tools and exercises to help them into self care and insight into their mindset blocks.

Journaling through your perfectionism

Start with a scribble and stop when your hand hurts. There is no room for perfect handwriting in this session as we delve into perfectionism and how it shows up for you, and how you can start to move through it, imperfectly.

This one hour journaling session helps you move past having a beautiful, but unused journal into a confident journaller.

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