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Lola Thorne: Connect with me

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Hollie, Co-founder &
Production Director

Had my first face-to-face session with Lola in the year that they've been giving me life coaching, and it was amazing. I always come away from our conversations with so much info, self discoveries and learnings. Thank you.

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Jon, Senior Policy Advisor

Lola is an insightful, knowledgeable, compassionate, and caring coach who is clearly committed to helping people. Working with her has moved me forwards dramatically in a relatively short time, helping me unlock the self-awareness I need to challenge the way I have been doing things and start to find more happiness and contentment in my life. I would highly recommend Lola for anyone looking to move their life forwards.

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Michael, Director

Lola's coaching has been astounding for myself and my business. She guided me to unlock key leadership skills and helped me see and deliver on the true vision of my business.


My business has grown whilst maintaining the ethics that started it.

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I've gained time to enjoy my passion, confidence in my long-term money management and security in the knowledge I am doing well by my family.

Mark, Senior Specialist 
Solutions Architect

Watch this space... more testimonials are on their way!

Laura, Full Time Parent

I don't mean to sound dramatic, but Lola changed my life. My husband initially sought out her services to give me some career advice, however once our sessions begun it became evident that my need was much more complex. It was midway through the pandemic, I'd recently had my first child, was renovating a new home and the end of my maternity leave was fast approaching. I felt like I was drowning.

Working with Lola helped me to acknowledge that I needed help to navigate my way through my new life. She gave me the tools and strength to set boundaries and make changes to situations that were impacting my well-being. Consequently my confidence and resilience started to grow.

A couple of years on and I no longer recognise that person I used to be. Now I am kinder to myself and grateful for the life I have.

I cannot recommend Lola highly enough. She is skilled and highly intuitive.

Thank you for your compassion and belief in me.

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