Lola Thorne: Personal coaching

Personal coaching is a holistic view of your life to align your goals to your personal values to achieve fulfilment and balance in your life. Together we will dig beneath surface level thoughts, reactions and beliefs to understand internal obstacles to success and well-being. We will stop the drift in your life so you are empowered to make conscious choices to resolve confusion. Together we will find your best way forward.


As a relationship boundaries specialist, I can help you if you;
- are unsure of your boundaries and how to use them lovingly- have an all or nothing mindset
- have a pattern of burying feelings
- have issues around work/life balance
- struggle to say no and carry overwhelming guilt or shame when asking for your needs to be met
- worry about hurting others but don’t think about how the impact of that hurts yourself
- have difficulties managing a positive relationship with your parents
- have difficulties managing your relationship with someone who experiences poor mental health or addiction
- struggle to verbalise your needs to others, then feel sad that they are unfulfilled

I am passionate about listening to you. Together we can quickly and effectively identify steps to move you forward and motivation blocks that keep you stuck. My goal is to inspire you to achieve your goals and get results; six months from now, you can be in a different space, mentally, physically, spiritually and financially.

Personal coaching can include issues around time management, career goals, work/ life balance, stress-reduction, confidence building and is very powerful at a time of change and transition.

If this sounds helpful for you, send me a message.

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