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Lola Thorne: Relationship Coaching

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Couples Coaching

Each relationship is unique and has its own beauty and sometimes its own periods of frustration or stagnation. During the lows it can be tempting to pull apart, but what can be needed is to pull together – to be more emotionally intimate and available, more vulnerable and more open in your communication, your needs and your individual and joint goals.

Many of us enjoy good quality relationships, however within these positive relationships often the daily pressures of a relationship can lead to a breakdown in communication and feelings of frustration towards our partners. Do you find that you will predict your partner’s reaction, always imaging a negative? Or maybe your partner does this to you and you feel trapped and judged unfairly? Predicting your partner’s reactions may feel accurate and it may well be, but it also traps your partner into a negative reaction and can prevent them from having the opportunity to grow, to change and to move into their loving space where they can support you how you desperately want to be supported.

Working together, I will provide individual sessions so that I can hear and understand both individual views and values fully. This will be followed by joint sessions where we can build on your communication skills to listen to each other with open hearts and be heard. This will build on the love in your relationship to eliminate resentment and frustration, and challenge unhelpful patterns you may have fallen into, so you can rediscover each other and grow together for a stable and loving future.

Other significant relationships

Relationship coaching is also available for other types of relationships that are significant in your life; this can be parental, sibling, business partnerships, or even important friendships. This coaching focuses on strengthening the foundations of the relationship through identifying current needs and often reclaiming personal boundaries and independence. Through this coaching you will learn how to reconnect on deeper levels, and how to listen to each other's needs to enable you both to have your needs met.

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