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Lola Thorne: The Self Care Club


Revolutionise your self care

and learn to say no lovingly

This is for women who:


👉 want to find the best self-care that works for them.


👉 want to find & strengthen their boundaries and know how to set them lovingly, without the guilt or the conflict.


👉 want to ask for what they want and need - without feeling guilty.


👉 want to feel calm and confident when you say no.


👉 want to stop people-pleasing.


👉 want to feel confident in your emotions and loved for your whole self.


This community is a safe space to learn how to revolutionise your self care, yourself, and your relationships.

A community for women who want more from their personal relationships and who want to feel confident in what they want and need - and how to ask for it without feeling guilty.

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