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Lola Thorne: What is life coaching?

Life Coaching is a thought-provoking and creative process to inspire you to reach your personal and professional potential. Together we will build on your strengths to achieve your goals; we will identify and work through inner fears and practical blocks that are holding you back.

Working together we can analyse and close the gap between where you are, and where you want to be much quicker and more effectively than if you were to do it on your own.

Life coaching is a gradual process where we dig deep beneath your surface level thoughts, reactions and beliefs to help you to challenge your inner obstacles so you can make conscious choices to achieve your goals.

Personal coaching can include issues around time management, career goals, work/ life balance, stress-reduction, confidence building and is very powerful at a time of change and transition.

Changes can be exciting or devastating; expected and anticipated or a complete surprise and a shock. Some are positive and some are gut-wrenching and heart-breaking. Managing change and transitions can be one of the most difficult aspects of life.

Through making conscious choices to navigate your way - I will help you to stay attuned to your values to as you encounter new challenges in your life - you can keep your head held high and above water. Where needed, I can support you to challenge your perception of the situation to help you to grow from the difficulties you are facing.


I can provide you with a respectful, non-judgmental space where we can explore your feelings, your gut-reactions, your hopes and your fears. I am committed to listening to you to provide you with a tailored action plan to overcome anything from unexpected crises, to anticipated challenges and big success as well as scary changes.


Examples of transitions are;

  • Job changes (exciting or worrying)

  • Retirement

  • Recovering from, or facing, the end of relationship/ divorce

  • Grief

  • Children going to school/ leaving home

  • Spiritual growth

As an experienced social worker and coach, I am qualified and trained to support and guide you to move forward within these areas, and many more:

  • Childhood trauma / Trauma

  • Anxiety 

  • Anger

  • Identity

  • Unhealthy relationships (narcissism, manipulation, psychological abuse)

  • Healthy boundary setting/ people-pleasing

  • Healthy communication

  • Improving your overall mental health

  • Codependency

  • Abuse (mental, emotional)

  • Self-esteem / Self-confidence

  • Imposter syndrome

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