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Lola Thorne: The Power Hour

Are you feeling

  • stuck, frustrated, or overwhelmed?​

  • little lost and in need of direction?

  • frozen due to too many conflicting options or ideas

  • in need of a confidence boost and a kickstart to get you more aligned to where you want to be?

Get rid of the mental fog and confusion in a power hour coaching session with me. Designed to unpick the problem, clarify your next step forward and align you towards what feels right for you. 

Power hour.jpg

Find a time in my calendar that suits you here. 

The session costs £150. There is no obligation for a further session (though you are of course welcome to book more).

Before the session

At the point of booking there is an optional, brief questionnaire which will help to maximise our time together. Once your booking is confirmed I will also send over an agreement which explains your rights as a consumer, and my role and how I manage your data. This agreement needs to be returned to me before the session takes place.

Sessions are an hour and usually held via zoom - though if that doesn't work for you, we can arrange another platform (Whatsapp is quite a popular alternative).

On the day

On the day, make yourself your favourite drink, bring a pen and paper and find yourself a quiet space and we will get started. 

A week later you will get email or text support to see how you have got on and if there are any quick wins still to be made.

What if you need to reschedule?

If the available dates don't work for you, or you have booked and need to reschedule

- don't worry, just email me here.

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