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Lola Thorne: Session information

By working together via hour long phone-based sessions, we will identify how your daily decisions may be keeping you in your comfort zone and holding you back from cultivating the life you truly aspire for. Coaching explores your values, aspirations, fears and self-limiting beliefs; through this work you will gain a deeper understanding of yourself and how to move forward using your strengths and skills.

Personal coaching

Individual session: £150 per hour

Package of 10 sessions: £1275 (15% discount).

Family coaching

Family sessions, which are only available in the UK, are only done face-to-face and require booking in advance.

over a series of weeks and available as a package. Family packages are flexible, depending on how many family members will take part.

Five face-to-face sessions, which are split between the family members, for £490. One follow-up phone session is also included. These usually take place two weeks after the final face-to-face session and one the month after.

Couples coaching

Couples session: £65 per hour for individual session(s) and £85 for joint sessions.

Small Business coaching

Individual session: £65 per hour

Package of 10 sessions: £500 (based on two sessions minimum per month, but flexible to client's needs).

Lola has moved me forwards dramatically, helping me unlock the self-awareness I need to challenge the way I have been doing things and start to find more happiness in my life. I would highly recommend Lola to anyone looking to move their life forwards.

Jon .M.  Age 36

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