Lola Thorne

Relationship Boundaries Specialist


Are your daily habits in line with achieving what you really want, or are you living on auto-pilot?

I am passionate about listening to you. We can explore your deepest passions and fears to get out of your comfort zone and into your growth zone.

Together we will find your best way forward.


As a qualified Social Worker, nothing will shock me and I know that no matter how bad things feel, there is a way forward.

I will give you a neutral and respectful space to address issues and together we can find tools and techniques that work for your family to achieve a more harmonious family life.


Do you often predict your partner’s behaviour?

Or do you feel judged unfairly by your partner?

Working together we can build on your love to eliminate resentment and frustration so you can continue to grow together for a stable and loving future.



With a focus on time, money, quality and quantity, we will identify optimum results whilst achieving the right balance unique to your business.


We will strengthen leadership skills, clarify goals and deep relationships.

Through this focused work we improve results and satisfaction.

What is life coaching?

Coaching is a thought-provoking and creative process to inspire you to maximize you personal and professional potential.


Together we will identify and work through inner fears that are holding you back.

We will build on your strengths to achieve your goals.

About me

Honest, direct, with a cracking sense of humour.

Open-minded, compassionate and a good listener.


I've gained time to enjoy my passion, confidence in my long-term money management and security in the knowledge I am doing well by my family.

Mark. S. Age 35


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